Holiday Book Flood

Here’s a guest blogpost by Nicole Davies, Decoda’s Administrative Assistant, about a holiday tradition she enjoys. (And, there’s still time to organize this for yourself!) Each year, on Christmas Eve, I practice the Icelandic tradition of Jólabókaflóð; which translates to “book flood”. For the record, I’m not Icelandic, I just really like this tradition (and… Read more

The 12 Apps of Christmas

Are you short on time to learn about new apps that can help support teaching and learning? You might want to try The 12 Apps of Christmas, a free online microlearning opportunity for BC post secondary educators. Starting December 4th, 2017, the 12 Apps of Christmas will launch, and we will highlight and unveil a new… Read more

The Christmas Gift Experiment

Are you looking for holiday-themed lessons for adult students? This video focuses on shoppers at a shopping centre, or shopping mall, who are given a present but then told that it is not for them. The British Council has developed a lesson plan around it for teenagers and adults. Click here for the lesson plan… Read more

Holiday Financial Literacy

Are you looking for seasonal financial literacy ideas? Tech Tips for Teachers posted Making a Holiday Budget as a Financial Literacy Exercise, financial literacy lesson ideas using two of the readings from the Fall 2015 issue of The Change Agent. Both of the readings, Overspending! It’s What We Do! and Spending Money to Say I… Read more

Christmas video

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? This year’s Sainsbury’s Christmas advertisement could be used with adult English language learners to prompt conversations as well as descriptive writing exercises. The book, Mog’s Christmas Calamity, is a fundraiser for Save the Children. Judith Kerr, HarperCollins and Sainsbury’s will donate all their profits from the sale… Read more