Playing Builds Brains

Everyday Play Play Using the Senses Language, Numbers and Play Find ideas for play-based learning activities for families in the four booklet set, Let’s Play: Activities for Families. More information is available in the Play Today BC Handbook.

Serve and Return to Build Baby’s Brain

Responsive interaction between children and adults build a strong foundation in a child’s brain. The Harvard Center on the Developing Child outlines five steps for serve and return: Notice the serve and share the child’s focus of attention. Return the serve by supporting and encouraging. Give it a name! Take turns … and wait. Keep… Read more

The Benefits of Reading with Your Child

Raise-a-Reader Week starts next week and runs from September 22nd to 29th. Reading with children does more than develop language skills. The Cleveland Clinic has created an infographic that outlines the benefits of reading to children and offers tips to make reading a part of playtime and bedtime. Click the image below to see the… Read more

Child and Youth Mental Health Day

May 7th marks the 10th anniversary of Child and Youth Mental Health Day. At a youth mental health event earlier this year, over 400 high school students were asked “How do you want adults to talk to you about your mental health? What do you want them to say and not say?” Here’s one of… Read more