book club

Family Book Club

One approach families can take to reading together is family book club. It can be a small, select club with immediate family members or encompass extended family or other families. This is one way to frame the family reading experience as a social one that invites talking about what you’ve read. Find tips for setting… Read more

Decoda’s Silent Reading Club

Today’s tip on the Fostering Literacy calendar is Start a book club. With that in mind, we’d like to invite you to join the impromptu, one day Decoda Silent Book Club. It’s easy to participate: Choose a book to read today. Schedule time to read the book today. Share what you’ll be reading in the… Read more

The Next Chapter Book Club

The Next Chapter Book Club is a community literacy program for people with intellectual disabilities. Its mission is to provide meaningful opportunities for lifelong learning, social connections and authentic community engagement for people with developmental disabilities through weekly book club meetings. Anyone can join a Next Chapter Book Club, regardless of reading or ability level…. Read more