Investment in Adult Basic Education

ProLiteracy has produced a new white paper, The Case for Investment in Adult Basic Education. It reviews Stephen Reder’s large scale, longitudinal research on the benefits of adult literacy programs and presents the implications of the findings for policy. The long term, positive impacts of adult basic skills programs on economic gain, employment opportunities, health,… Read more

The Benefits of Reading with Your Child

Raise-a-Reader Week starts next week and runs from September 22nd to 29th. Reading with children does more than develop language skills. The Cleveland Clinic has created an infographic that outlines the benefits of reading to children and offers tips to make reading a part of playtime and bedtime. Click the image below to see the… Read more

Benefits of Play

Play is important for healthy child development. Through play, children develop the neurological building blocks essential to further learning and growth. They form connections, build social and emotional skills, and develop positive long-term attitudes to discovery and learning. Play is not an alternative to learning. It is not a diversion from learning. Rather, it provides… Read more

Benefits of Reading

We know that you can learn things by reading and we know that reading can be enjoyable entertainment. But, did you know that reading can have an impact on your health? How Changing Your Reading Habits can Transform your Health looks at some of the research that points to health benefits from reading. It concludes… Read more