How to Search the App Store Like a Pro

AlphaPlus has created an infographic guide on How to Find What You’re Looking for in the App Store. It has tips, hints and tricks on how to search smarter and faster for apps to use in your literacy program. This guide is designed for using the Apple App Store. A guide for using the Google… Read more

List of Useful Apps

Are you looking for an app to support adult literacy and numeracy learning? The List of Useful Apps from AlphaPlus can help. This tool has comprehensive reviews of apps, including descriptions, the subject or topic covered, and how the app could be used to support adult learning. The list is being continuously developed and you… Read more

List of Useful Apps

What apps would you recommend to support adult literacy and numeracy teaching? The number of available apps is so large; it takes a lot of time to sort through them. To help streamline the selection, Alpha Plus has introduced their List of Useful Apps. Each app review includes a brief description, subject area, pros and… Read more