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B is for Biodiversity

Today is the start of Science Literacy Week! This year’s theme is B is for Biodiversity. Looking for reading material to share with learners on this theme? The beautiful photography and clear text in the Amazing Animals series has made these books popular with adult learners. Here’s a selection that includes animals from Canada: Beavers… Read more

Adult Literacy: No One Way

Did you attend Dr. Allan Quigley’s Adult Literacy: No One Way webinar series earlier this year? Now that the Decoda Library has reopened, we’re able to loan you the recommended reading for this training. We have a few copies of Building Professional Pride in Literacy: a Dialogical Guide to Professional Development for Practitioners of Adult… Read more

COVID-19 Rapid Response Report from the Field

How has the adult education field responded to the COVID-19 pandemic? What have educators done and what lessons have they learned? COVID-19 Rapid Response Report from the Field uses survey and interview data to get a glimpse of what American educators experienced, how they adapted and what issues arose. The report is organized around nine… Read more

Celebrating the power of literacy: Paulina’s story

The Westcoast Reader has a new website! Paulina Mason’s picture is on the new website. Paulina invited us to share her story – she wants to encourage others to get the help they need to develop their skills. Paulina was born in an orphanage in Bulgaria. Her development was delayed. She was malnourished and spent… Read more

New Adult Literacy Education Journal

Have you had a chance to read some of the articles in this new adult literacy education journal? Here’s a reminder from earlier this year when it was first released. The inaugural issue of ProLiteracy’s Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy has been released. This online, peer-reviewed journal will be… Read more

Adult Literacy in Canada 2017

In 2017, CUPE conducted a study of the literacy landscape in Canada. They were interested in determining if and how adult literacy practitioners and leaders were able to sustain their work, after major federal funding cuts to literacy. The study also identified shared needs across the country. Based on interviews with almost 40 organizations and… Read more

Story of an Adult Literacy Student

Earlier this year, The Secret Lives of Americans TV documentary series included a segment on Cleo, a loving and supportive mother from Alabama who has always encouraged her children to pursue their educational goals — all while struggling to share her own literacy issues with her family. In this video she talks about the impact… Read more

Adult Literacy XPRIZE

The $7M Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE presented by Dollar General Literacy Foundation is a competition challenging teams of developers (software, game and app), educators, engineers and innovators to create mobile literacy learning applications for the adult learner. The finalists teams’ solutions must demonstrate that they can substantially improve the literacy proficiency of adults… Read more

COABE Adult Educator Resources

The Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) has launched an online collection of promising practices and resources for adult education. Adult Educator Resources is free for all adult educators; you don’t have to be a COABE member to create an account. The resources available – lesson plans, videos, apps, conference presentations and professional development resources – cover a… Read more

Gamification and Adult Literacy

Gamification is the act of applying game design elements in a non-game setting in order to increase engagement, change behaviour, or achieve a specific, desired result. Gamification and Adult Literacy examines best practices for incorporating gamification and game elements into adult literacy education.  This publication from Literacy Link South Central looks at the history of gamification… Read more