adult learners

Rising to the Reading Challenges of Adult Learners

Rising to the Reading Challenges of Adult Learners: Practitioners Toolkit was developed by CanLearn Society to help practitioners work effectively with adults with reading difficulties. The toolkit provides strategies based on findings from both reading and learning disabilities research – strategies that work with all adult learners, including those with learning disabilities. It also builds… Read more

Family Literacy Videos

Adult literacy learners who are parents are both teachers and learners. The Toronto Public Library created a series of family literacy videos for parents who are working on their reading and writing skills, with tips on fun activities that will lay the foundation for reading for their children. Here’s the introductory video: Click here for… Read more

Online Reading Material for Adult Learners

The Center for the Study of Adult Literacy has a library of online texts for adult learners. This library contains over 1,600 different materials for learners to read. The texts are categorized by both reading level (Easier, Medium, Harder) and topic (Health, Food, Babies, Children, Teenagers, Families, Advice, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Jobs and Work, Money, History,… Read more

A Tutor and Learner Success Story

Gaye and Robert are a tutor and learner who work together in the Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP) run through South Burnaby Neighbourhood House. Here are their stories: Gaye’s Story When my Rotary Club member Antonia Beck asked if anyone was interested in becoming a tutor for the Community Adult Literacy program (CALP) program I… Read more