Helping youth reach their full potential

Many people assume youth will gain knowledge through formal education, particularly high school. But we all know youth who don’t fit in with formal education, for one reason or another: family instability, violence, substance abuse and undiagnosed learning disabilities can make learning difficult. Unfortunately our young people who do not succeed in school or who fall through the cracks are less likely to set and achieve healthy goals and they are more likely to engage in behaviours that are antisocial, unhealthy, or illegal.

With your support and the support of our community partners we provide the resources, tools and opportunities  so our youth can get back on track and reach their full potential. Together, we are building strong individuals and preparing them to fully participate in today’s job market, which lead to strong communities and a strong province.

Empowerment in the Community: Starting with a Book Club

In September, 2015, we received an email from Shirley-Ann about her son Kurtis. Shirley-Ann wanted to let others know how important literacy is for adults with varying abilities/intellectual disabilities. Here is Kurtis’ story in her words:  This story is about my son, Kurtis. Kurtis is a charming adult in his mid-twenties who has Down Syndrome…. Read more

VIDEO: Overcoming Troubles with Literacy

Where would you go if you had trouble reading and writing (spending too much time playing video games), and as a result, fell behind in school? Darren felt that getting an education was intimidating. In this interview, he tells a compelling story about his literacy journey. Despite some setbacks, he speaks of empowerment, eventual reading success… Read more

A New School Success Story

Student Profile: One of the New School program’s success stories has been a young woman (“J.”) with extremely low skills in all areas of reading. J. couldn’t read and didn’t read. Staff discovered that her heroine was Buffy the Vampire Slayer and helped her find Web pages about her idol and information about the actress… Read more