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The Atlin Boys Cook-Book Club

“I can’t believe we get to cook and eat it!” This is just one of the many appreciative comments from the boys of the Atlin Boys’ Cook-Book Club. The club was started by Trudy Ewing, Atlin’s Literacy Outreach Coordinator. Trudy said “It used to be a girls’ book club, but as the girls moved away… Read more

Mother’s Story: Without the schooling I was stuck

Samantha Bilokraly was a stay at home mom for five years. She wanted to start a career, get out of the house and make her family a two-income household. She says, “It is hard to live off one income and daycare is so expensive. Without the schooling I was stuck.” This year, Samantha began attending… Read more

A Fresh Start in Canada

Aliza appears in our September, 2016 Literacy is Life campaign on CBC British Columbia. She explains in her own words why programs such as IPALS (Immigrant Parents as Literacy Supporters) are so important to new British Columbians: As a mother who came to Canada from Nepal five years ago, I understand the stress that Syrian… Read more

Program Spotlight: Love 2 Learn

Love 2 Learn is a family literacy program that was developed in Nelson, BC. The program brings children 3-5, parents and caregivers, and schools together so that families become comfortable in the school environment, and so parents and caregivers further encourage their child’s learning.  When you think of a “family literacy program,” do you automatically… Read more

Family program helps son – and mom

While Vivienne was happy about the progress Nathan was making, she was also benefitting from the program. “I began to make friends and I was able to talk to them and practice my English. I also learned about Canadian ways…how to be a parent in Canada and the school system.”  Leaving everything behind to start… Read more

Literacy Improves a Family’s Life

“I came to Canada to provide my daughter with opportunities to succeed in life…community-based literacy was our first step towards success in this country.” Parents will do almost anything for their children, especially when it comes to giving them a better start at life. Parents spend thousands of dollars on education, music lessons, and sports… Read more

Literacy – One Family’s Journey

“The program helped me understand many things; my new country, the culture and the language, and it helped my babies be prepared for school…we’re doing so well because we took this program.” Imagine living thousands of miles from your family and friends, with only a handful of people in your life to support and comfort you. … Read more

Cuddle, Connect, Communicate

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® (PCMG) is offered by many family literacy programs throughout BC. The program focuses on the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs, and stories. These are used to build confidence, create positive family patterns, and give children healthy early experiences with language and communication. Mother Goose facilitator Alana Murdoch loves… Read more

Highlight of the Year for Literacy Matters in Abbotsford

When asked for a highlight of the year, Sharon Crowley, the Literacy Outreach Coordinator for Literacy Matters, wrote this: “I think for Abbotsford it was the opening of the library room at the Community Aboriginal Centre. This project came out of the joining of community members to sit on the Aboriginal table (Hand in Hand… Read more

Karen IPALS: Making Canada Home

Zipporah Min escaped Burmese military forces in 1992 and lived in a refugee camp for Karen people in Thailand. She was 13. In 2002, she came to Langley as part of a large group of Karen refugees. Today, she is a leader within her community, as a facilitator for a Parents as Literacy Supporters in… Read more