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The Courage to Ask For Help – One Woman’s Journey

Jinhee Laura Cho (Laura) is not someone who you would think needs help with literacy. She’s well educated, loves to read, has a university degree and works as a library technician at a local university. But her resume only tells half the story. Laura is part of a growing number of people who have come… Read more

Always looking forward, not back: Nasib’s literacy journey

Nasib was born in the Fiji Islands. She was raised without electricity or other amenities on a farm as the eldest of five sisters and eight brothers. Her childhood was divided between caring for the needs of her younger siblings and working on the family farm, cutting and raking grass. Unfortunately, as she was so… Read more

Finding a Path to Success Through Alternate Ways

Lucas Yeltatzie, 18 years old, lived on Haida Gwaii. He found it difficult to get motivated to do schoolwork, arriving late and leaving early. On some days, he skipped school altogether. Lucas didn’t find relevance in what he was being taught and was often bored. It was surprising that he hadn’t already dropped out of school. When… Read more

Karen: Reaching Academic Goals and Recognizing Self Worth

Karen’s story was shared with us by our friends at the Fort Nelson Community Literacy Society. Karen is a 47-year-old resident of Fort Nelson. She lives with her husband David and their two small dogs. David is permanently off work due to serious health problems, and Karen herself lives with medical and mental health issues…. Read more

Connecting Princeton Seniors Through Technology

Jean and Frank Turner, Joe Compart, Rudy Fernak, Judy Short and John Sandness are seniors. They have all retired from successful careers. Jean was a nurse, John was a teacher and Judy owned her own business. They are all seniors who felt like they were being left behind as information technology became necessary for their… Read more

How has literacy affected my life? Greatly.

Alana Oakes (formerly Bodnar), of Port Alberni, BC, was a finalist in our 2014 Literacy is Life contest. In her entry, she told us of her struggles through elementary and high school, and how being literate today has impacted her daily life. Here is her captivating story:  How has literacy impacted your life? It was… Read more

A Son’s Literacy Story

Peter Bailey, of Hope, BC won our Literacy is Life contest in 2014 with the following entry. In his story, which was written entirely on an iPhone, he tells the reader about his relationship with his father, who had difficulty reading due to a learning disability.  My father loved to read. He could sit all… Read more

My Road to Reading

Jill Hayward, Literacy Outreach Coordinator in Barriere, BC, wrote to us in January, 2016 to send a story about one of her learners. “She is a mom who did a great job of caring for and raising her family…until they were old enough to successfully go out into the world on their own,” she wrote…. Read more

Early Lessons Lead to Lifelong Skills

The following story was first posted on Bosa Properties Foundation’s blog. It has been reprinted here with permission. We asked our own David Basche of Bosa Properties about what life was like coming from a new country, and the literacy skills he needed to succeed in his career. David currently works in the acquisitions group… Read more

An Architect’s Journey: Giving Back to Community Literacy

The following story was first posted on Bosa Property Foundation’s blog. It has been reprinted here with permission. Literacy is a key that opens so many doors in life—that’s why Decoda Literacy Solutions fosters community literacy—and why Bosa Properties Foundation supports Decoda. With September being Literacy Month, we asked architect Gregory Henriquez to share his… Read more