Meeting the needs of adult learners

We all know someone who may have left school for economic or health reasons; they may have a learning disability; maybe they are new to the country; or they may simply have grown rusty from lack of practice and need to upgrade their skills. Every adult learner has a unique story to share, but in today’s increasingly complex world it is vital that we continue to learn new skills, improve our knowledge, and increase our literacy, especially in British Columbia where we are facing a labour-shortage crisis in the coming decade.

For our definition of adult literacy, click here.

With your support and the support of our community partners, we are able to help fund adult literacy programs and provide individuals with the opportunities and resources they need to increase their life chances and succeed in today’s world.

Community adult literacy programs serve more the 1,800 core learners every year. Read some of their stories below.

The Westcoast Reader – Thank you donors!

Thank you to all our supporters who donated to help more literacy programs receive The Westcoast Reader, a monthly newspaper for learners. Over $2,000 was raised! We are currently fulfilling subscription applications from programs in need. If you know of a program that would benefit from The Westcoast Reader, please send us an email…. Read more

My Place is Here

I came to Canada last summer. This was a good season to be here because the weather was warm (too warm sometimes!) and that made the transition from my country to Canada easier. After a while, I realized that even if I felt like being on a long vacation, it was difficult for me to… Read more

The Time I Overcame a Difficult Time

I remember the time I overcame a difficult time adapting to the weather and language.  In order to adapt I wore jackets every day and I got my daughter to help me practice. I remember the time I was new to Canada and my older daughter wanted to go back to our country. I remember… Read more

The Time I Was New To Canada – Alem

I came to Canada in 2010.  I was so happy and excited.  But after one month I had trouble learning because I didn’t understand and speak.  After six months, I had a little bit of speaking and understanding. I am so happy to be learning because I have a job and communicate with classmates and… Read more