Your Impact

Your support is making all the difference

Your support – and the support of our many partners – not only helps individuals, it allows us to provide training and resources for people in the literacy field; supports our work with government and industry to identify and address the challenges that face our economy; and it allows us to support Aboriginal People and new immigrants with culturally-responsive programs that benefit entire communities. Together, we’re helping people make sense of the modern world and building stronger communities across British Columbia.

Impact on Community

Literacy programs build social networks, partnerships and relationships in local communities. Read about the impact they’re making on this page.

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Impact on Children and Families

Check out this section for success stories about how literacy programs have impacted children and families from all walks of life in British Columbia.

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Impact on Youth

How does literacy affect the development of youth? Read real-life stories about how literacy programs have helped increase life chances for those who many not necessarily fit into the formal schooling system.

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Impact on Adults

Read success stories about how literacy programs helped adult learners increase their life chances and be more successful in the modern world.

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