The 400 Club – Your invitation to join!


Small donations can make a big difference when many caring people come together.

Decoda Literacy Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of The 400 Club.

The name of our monthly giving club reflects the number of communities Decoda supports each year. It also represents the number of caring people who could make an incredible difference.

If just one person, in each of 400 communities in B.C., joined in donating — $10, $15, $25, $50 or any amount affordable on a monthly basis — we would have a stable base of funding to ensure Decoda is always there to support literacy in your community.

Today, someone living near to you will need help with reading, writing, or using technology.

Will you be a member of The 400 Club we can count on to support literacy needs in your community?

To learn more on how your membership makes a difference and the benefits of The 400 Club click here.