The Atlin Boys Cook-Book Club

“I can’t believe we get to cook and eat it!” This is just one of the many appreciative comments from the boys of the Atlin Boys’ Cook-Book Club. The club was started by Trudy Ewing, Atlin’s Literacy Outreach Coordinator. Trudy said “It used to be a girls’ book club, but as the girls moved away to attend high school and there were boys asking to be part of something similar, it became a club for boys.”

Because the club begins after school, the boys need to eat. Instead of providing ready-made meals, Trudy thought it would be fun to turn the book club into a cook-book club. And it worked!

The boys look through recipe books to find what they would like to make and then make a grocery list. Each week they start out cooking the supper they had planned the previous week. They rotate jobs, including printing the recipe on the white board, gathering all ingredients, preparing the food, cooking and cleaning up.

Once the meal is ready, they all sit down and eat together – a great opportunity to discuss and practice table manners and etiquette.

But what about the books? After the meal and cleanup, the boys take turns reading aloud to each other. They are working their way through the first book in the Hardy Boys series, The Tower Treasure. The discussion is lively and the boys are fully engaged in solving the mystery.

Trudy says the Cook-Book Club is “a great way to encourage reading, to learn new skills and to express opinion through conversation.”

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