Cuddle, Connect, Communicate

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® (PCMG) is offered by many family literacy programs throughout BC. The program focuses on the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs, and stories. These are used to build confidence, create positive family patterns, and give children healthy early experiences with language and communication.

Mother Goose facilitator Alana Murdoch loves to hear stories from parents about how they use the songs and skills they have learned in the program. She delights in seeing a parent she has worked with soothing a fractious child in a grocery store line up with a Mother Goose song.

Lizanne Eastwood, a PCMG teacher trainer, values the community connections that are made through the program and enjoys seeing “the joyous, playful interactions that occur between parent and child and the increase in self-confidence in parenting shown by program participants.”

At a recent visit to a Mother Goose program with her grandson, Owen, Decoda program manager Margaret Sutherland experienced firsthand the gentle support the program provides. After enjoying songs, snack and rhymes, babies were soothed with a lullaby and participants shared parenting tips and practices when they answered the question of the day – “What is your bedtime ritual?”.

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