The Time I Overcame a Difficult Time

I remember the time I overcame a difficult time adapting to the weather and language.  In order to adapt I wore jackets every day and I got my daughter to help me practice.

I remember the time I was new to Canada and my older daughter wanted to go back to our country.

I remember when I had trouble learning.  I would get frustrated when I didn’t get what a word meant so I took it all word by word.

I remember when I lost my job and needed to find a new one.  My credit card was in overdraft.  I felt sad.  I started looking for a new job.

I remember when I didn’t understand a language or culture.  I felt bad but motivated to learn.

I remember when I failed the listening and speaking LINC tests.

By Glenda, LINC 4, Burnaby

This story is Glenda’s submission about overcoming a challenge which was submitted to our Literacy is Life contest in September, 2016.

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