Steven’s Story

By Steven, LINC 4, Burnaby

I first time came to Vancouver in 2010, everything was new; new city, new people,new culture and new language.

I like to play basketball,and it helped me to make some new friends. We don’t speak the same language so sometimes our team was many mistakes.

I was afraid no one would want to play with me. Because in my country if the team make many mistakes and always loses, the team was disband. But here people don’t want the team folded and they helped me to understand their language and their culture.

When I has a good defend they say”good D”, when we lose the game and need break they always talk with me. They want I can understand their talk about.

They are two Chinese but when they wer young they came here. They told me I need understand English basketball language it can help me to make some new friend and make new team when they cannot play with me. I thank them very much. They helped me improve my english skill. Now, we are friends.

This story is Steven’s submission about overcoming a challenge which was submitted to our Literacy is Life contest in September, 2016.

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