Mo’s Story: “You feel, I can do it and start believing in yourself again”

Mo tells her story of attending Street School in Kamloops in her own words.

“I go by anything with Mo – Mojo, Mosey, Moses…”

I just love this school. It opens your mind, and opens doors to opportunities that you didn’t even know about. It is awesome. I tried to go back to school twice at TRU but then I’d get a job and quit. I remember being in a class of about 15 students and getting kind of stumped. I looked out the window and my teacher said, “You aren’t going to learn anything by looking out that window.” I didn’t think I was smart enough to learn again but once you find the faith in yourself, then you can carry on.

When I told a friend I really wanted to get my grade 12 because I wanted to get a better job, she said I should go to Street School. I didn’t want to ask for funding again but she said it was free, open to the public, and had volunteers who helped students, and teachers who gave lots of support. I am now in my third year at Street school. I had to take a bit of time off to deal with family issues, but you can do that at Street School and then, just come back and start where you left off. I have five more units of Math to do and then I will be done. This place just lifts my spirits and gives me inspiration. I tell lots of people about it.

At Street School you just tell them your story and what you want to accomplish – and they say OK, let’s get started. I didn’t think there was a possibility to get my grade 12 but Street School gives that to you. They show you how to make it work. They are there for you. It was a challenge, but completing your grade 12 fills you up with inspiration. You feel, I can do it and start believing in yourself again.”

Maureen Biccum graduated with her AGD, June 2012

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