Literacy is Life – The Time I Was New to Canada

Over three years ago when I moved to Canada, I experienced difficult times and challenges integrating first of all because English is not my first language.

And after moving here, I had hard times getting used to the transportation system: the bus, the skytrain the directions. It was difficult to ask questions to the bus driver to stop at the address and to ask others passengers on the bus stop for directions.  But a few months to a year later, I started getting better knowing how to get around.

One other thing that was new to me is snow.  Even today I am still anxious about snow because I will never forget how in the winder of November 2014 I had an accident and fell down and broke my elbow.  I had pain for long and since I don’t like when it’s snowing because it reminds me that accident.

Last of all, Halloween was very confusing to me.  Hearing fire crackers made me jump; it sounded like shots to me and reminded me of war I live in for a long time in my country.  Now I’m ok.  I know it is part of Canadian culture to celebrate Halloween.

By Christine, LINC 4, Windsor Neighbourhood Learning Centre

This story is Christine’s submission about overcoming a challenge which was submitted to our Literacy is Life contest in September, 2016.

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