IPALS: Eden’s story

Eden’s family came to Canada a year ago as refugees from Eritrea. They had experienced hardship and trauma before coming to Canada.

Eden was concerned how Melaher, her four-year-old-daughter, would adapt to learning in a new country. She was looking for ways to support her daughter when she heard about Immigrant Parents as Literacy Supporters (IPALS).

IPALS provides a safe, comfortable and culturally responsive learning environment for a mom to be with other families who share the same language and similar challenges.

The program helped Eden learn about the Canadian school system. The program facilitators also provided suggestions for literacy activities she could try at home.

Eden learned how helpful print in the community can be for pre reading skill development. She took Melaher on walks to spot community signs, name colors and read letters.

Melaher is proud to have her own books she received at IPALS. Eden and Melahar go to a nearby park with an IPALS supply backpack. They play, read and draw – just like they do at IPALS.

“My daughter is so excited about all the materials she received. She is keeping her IPALS backpack forever,” said Eden. “Every day she asks me to come and play with her. Her drawing and writing just exploded. She draws one picture after another, and she writes notes on them. She loves turning the drawings into letters.”

Eden is very grateful for all the help IPALS provides to adjust to a new life in Canada. She feels confident that Melaher will do well in school and that she can support her learning.


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