Fostering Literacy: Donors give hope to a mother whose child struggles with reading

Jane* is a mother whose young son struggles with reading.

You can imagine her worry. Children who fall behind in school often have a hard life. They may not graduate high school or find a good job. They may not lead a happy and healthy life.

Mothers want the best for their children. Children should have the opportunities they need to succeed at life.

Thanks to the generosity of others, both Jane and her son found the help they needed through Fostering Literacy.

Jane’s son was matched with a reading tutor to receive one-to-one sessions throughout the school year. Jane also received tips to encourage learning at home. The results were amazing!

“The Fostering Literacy program has changed things for us at home. It used to be we read to him, now he reads to us.  He doesn’t want tutoring to end, ever, he loves it! He reads everything, wherever we go, not just books. He often chooses reading over games,” said Jane.

Fostering Literacy would not exist without donations from people, companies and foundations.

These generous gifts allow everyone to work together – schools, literacy groups, community groups, social workers, teachers, tutors and parents – all to support kids who need extra help with reading.

With a new school year starting in September, donations are needed to run the Fostering Literacy program.

To support this much needed program, please donate today!

*This is an actual story. The identity of the mother and child have been protected. Jane is a fictitious name used for the purposes of telling their story.

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