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Parents Reading, Children Succeeding


A program of ideas and activities for parents of preschoolers to help support learning and emergent literacy skill development in your children.

Program Overview

The Parents Reading, Children Succeeding program is designed primarily for parents of children three to five years old. However, we have had parents of younger children in the program. Usually, these are younger siblings of children in the target age range. The only issue this raises is one of additional staffing needs. Babies can easily stay with their parent. Children who are walking but not yet comfortable being away from their parents for a length of time can also stay with the parent group, although some parents find this distracting. Making sure to provide simple, appropriate toys in the parent group room for these children or encouraging parents to bring a toy they know their child particularly likes will help parents to focus on the discussions and activities.

What is the focus of the program?

The main purpose of the parent portion of the program is to share with parents ideas and activities that will help them support the learning and emergent literacy skill development of their preschool children. Indirectly, parents will also gain knowledge about learning in general while they engage in discussions and activities that offer them opportunities to practice their own literacy skills.

The children’s portion of the program has two purposes: to provide a safe, fun program of activities so that parents can attend the program, and to engage children in activities that will support and encourage their learning.

What is the core philosophy of the program?

The PRCS program is based on two simple but powerful ideas:

  1. Parents are their children’s first, best, and most consistent teachers. Parents have the experience, one-to-one time, love, and motivation to help their children learn that no one else in the world has.
  2. Parents are usually already doing many things that help their children learn. However, parents may not understand the value of what they already know and do with their children.