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Play in Early Childhood – new video

A new video from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard highlights the importance of play in any early childhood setting.

A Surprising Way to Help Kids Cooperate with Each Other

Did you see this video when we blogged about it in May? It was one of the 12 winning entries in the APA PsycShorts Video Competition. Have another look! What can you do to help kids learn to play and work together? Here’s a strategy you might not have tried. For a glimpse at the… Read more

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Fanny

What is summer good for? Reading all the old magazines that I have subscribed to but have not had a chance to read. Through my professional membership, I receive Pivot CPA magazines 6 times a year. I usually scan through them and look for interesting statistics, forensic accounting stories and all feature stories about CPAs… Read more

Links to Literacy

Here’s this week’s sample of interesting online reading and viewing: Direct Instruction is Not the Enemy Evidence increases for reading on paper instead of screens Meeting the Challenges of Early Literacy Phonics Instruction New Study Shows Where ‘Growth Mindset’ Training Works (And Where It Doesn’t) Simple Ways to Integrate Four Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies The Surprising… Read more

Newcomers and the Workplace Video Series

AWES (Alberta Workforce Essential Skills) has created a series of videos to support newcomers seeking work in Canada.  They were developed to respond to language, essential skills and intercultural gaps for employment seekers. The series includes: Newcomers and the Workplace: The First Day at a New Job Newcomers and the Workplace: Asking Questions on Your… Read more

How are ‘I Spy’ books made?

The “I Spy” book series has captured the imagination of millions of readers. Part of what made these books so magical is that all of the images were created with real objects. Have you ever wondered how the books were made? Here’s your chance to find out.

New Adult Literacy Education Journal

Have you had a chance to read some of the articles in this new adult literacy education journal? Here’s a reminder from earlier this year when it was first released. The inaugural issue of ProLiteracy’s Adult Literacy Education: The International Journal of Literacy, Language, and Numeracy has been released. This online, peer-reviewed journal will be… Read more

Decoda’s Summer Reading 2019 – Christie

At this time in my life my summer reading can be divided into two categories: books I will read and books I’d like to read but probably won’t manage to. The first category includes books I’ll be reading with my almost five year old. A current favourite of mine is the Dory Fantasmagory series by… Read more

Links to Literacy

Here’s this week’s sample of interesting online reading: 10 Things You Can Do This Summer to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten The amazing baby brain says ‘pas de problème’ with bilingualism Gaming app aims to teach millions of US adults who can’t read Libraries can have 3-D printers but they are still about books… Read more

What happens inside you when you read a story

Stories are just stories, right? Not really. They are also incredibly powerful – and can both reduce prejudice, and help persuade. Here’s what actually happens inside us when we read.