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Together to Learn: Helping parents to succeed

Together to Learn is a family literacy program that helps parents to upgrade courses while their children are being minded. The program is a partnership between Kootenay Family Place, Selkirk College and Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL). As well as providing upgrading and childminding, the program offers family literacy opportunities and hosts guest speakers… Read more

LEGO Lovers Learning Literacy

It’s Family Literacy Week! This year’s theme is Let’s Make It! Today we’re pleased to welcome Chrisy Hill, Community Literacy Coordinator for the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy – Elk Valley, as a guest blogger. Chrisy shares a family literacy resource using LEGO for fun and learning. LEGO has been a kids’ favorite since 1932. … Read more

Let’s Make It! with STEAM

Looking for inspiration on things to make as a family? Sometimes a little browsing together through a book of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) projects will spark an idea. And, the projects aren’t just for older children. Here are some of the things you can find: 25 cardboard engineering projects for makers in… Read more

Literacy Lost

Literacy Lost: Canada’s Basic Skills Shortfall is a new report from the Canada West Foundation. Written by Janet Lane and T. Scott Murray, this report uses PIAAC data to describe the shortage of literacy skills in Canada and why that matters. Here’s the introduction: Workplaces are changing quickly. Machines or algorithms are replacing some tasks,… Read more

Let’s Make It! Makerspace at Home

What is a Makerspace? Basically, it’s a space where people get together to make things. You may have seen them in your school or community. Often they’re designed for older schoolchildren or young adults and contain technology and interesting equipment to share. There are also makerspaces for younger children. They are places that encourage discovery… Read more

Study Techniques – What’s Effective?

Do you ever use a highlighter when studying? You might want to rethink that. What are good ways to study? To learn more, read: Learn How to Study Using… Retrieval Practice Learn How to Study Using… Spaced Practice Learn How to Study Using… Elaboration Learn to Study Using… Interleaving Learn to Study Using … Concrete… Read more

Let’s Make It! Music for Babies

In our Let’s Make It! Babies activity sheet, we’ve outlined some of the things that parents can ‘make’ with babies – smiles, conversations, games, and traditions. While we focused on the tradition of reading aloud, another popular tradition is singing. Many parents sing to their babies. And, lullabies are a popular bedtime tradition. Did you… Read more

Let’s Make It! with Paper

One of our Family Literacy Week activity sheets this year is Let’s Make It! with Paper. It has activities for a range of ages, including early school years. The suggestions are only the tip of the iceberg. Here are some more ideas for things to make with paper. Let’s start with a puzzle you can… Read more

New in the Library! January 2019

The Decoda Literacy Library continuously adds titles to the collection. Here’s a sample of the newest additions: Click for a list of all the newly added titles. The Decoda Library is open to all adults in BC. We will mail the loans to you for free. To request any of the new titles, email… Read more

Understanding Motivation

The Center for the Developing Child at Harvard has created an interesting interactive graphic outlining the brain regions involved in motivation and how they work together. Click the image below to go to the fully interactive graphic. Here are five commonly misunderstood facts about motivation: Motivation comes from a set of neurochemical networks that develop… Read more