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Today is Pink Shirt Day, a day to bring awareness to the of serious impact of bullying and what can be done to prevent and respond to it. This year’s theme is Be Kind, and the focus is on cyberbullying. Social media users are asked to THINK before they post. Is it True, Helpful, Inspiring,… Read more

Here to Help: Workplace Communication Skills for Food Services

Here to Help: Workplace Communication Skills for Food Services is a resource designed to assist newcomers to Canada find and retain entry-level positions in the food services industry. Designed by the School of Global Access at Bow Valley College, this resource emphasizes speaking and listening for busy, time-sensitive environments. A Learner Workbook aimed at Canadian… Read more

Working with Volunteers: 25 ideas for good practice

Working with Volunteers: 25 Ideas for Good Practice aims to provide a quick reference for things to know in order to make working with volunteers a positive experience for both your organization and the volunteer. It is written with the needs of literacy organizations and programs in British Columbia and their volunteers in mind. Each… Read more

Freedom to Read Week

It’s Freedom to Read Week from February 24th to March 2nd! This year is the 35th anniversary of this event which celebrates intellectual freedom. Freedom to read can never be taken for granted. Even in Canada, a free country by world standards, books and magazines are banned at the border. Books are removed from the… Read more

Early Experiences Affect Children’s Genes

We know that early experiences can have lifelong impacts. Epigenetics, the study of how environmental influences affect gene expression, is beginning to give us an explanation. Here’s a new infographic from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University that shows how epigenetics is related to child development. To learn more, read: Early Experiences… Read more

International Mother Language Day

Today is International Mother Language Day! It’s a day that emphasizes the importance of language for identity, communication, social integration, education and development, and culture and tradition. It’s also a day that encourages linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. According to the United Nations: There are an estimated 6000 languages being spoken in the world…. Read more

Reading for Social Justice

Today is World Day of Social Justice! Reading for Social Justice: A Guide for Families and Educators is a new resource from Teaching Tolerance and the School of Education, University of Colorado Boulder.  It presents a thorough and practical guide to creating a reading group focused on social justice for families. This guide is designed… Read more

Just the Facts – for Financial Literacy

Just the Facts is a new series of information sheets on various financial topics of interest to Canadians. The topics are organized into categories for adults, seniors, new Canadians and schools. Produced by Chartered Professional Accountants Canada, these resources are unbiased, objective and straightforward. In addition to providing basic information for making more informed decisions,… Read more

Fun and Games for the Family Day Weekend

Monday is Family Day in BC and the weather this long weekend may provide the opportunity to try some of the 50 Outdoor Things To Do With Your Kids in Winter. For inside activities, one idea is a family games night. You can find tips in Boost kids’ skills and memories with weekly game night…. Read more

International Book Giving Day

Today is International Book Giving Day! It’s a day for giving books to children. And there’s more than one way to celebrate: Give a book to a child as a gift – How to Choose a Book from The Canadian Children’s Book Centre has tips for finding books for children and teens by age. Leave… Read more