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World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is this Saturday, June 8th. It is a day to remember the role that oceans play in everyday life. And, it’s a day to remember the impact of human actions on the ocean. We celebrate World Oceans Day to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. They… Read more

New in the Decoda Library! – June 2019

The Decoda Literacy Library continuously adds titles to the collection. Here’s a sample of the newest additions: Find a list of all the newly added titles here. The Decoda Library is open to all adults in BC. We will mail the loans to you for free. Register to borrow here. To request any of the… Read more

Literacy and the Economy

In WHAT NOW? | Opportunity Lost, a new policy brief from the Canada West Foundation, Janet Lane and Scott Murray review some recent analysis of international and Canadian literacy levels (including PIAAC data) and economic performance. The new research confirms that literacy skills are an important determinant of economic growth. Two of the main findings… Read more

The Westcoast Reader – June 2019

The June issue of The Westcoast Reader is available now! It contains articles about the newest royal baby, summer events in BC, the black hole image, and more, including a good-bye and thank you to Carolyn Moi who has been The Westcoast Reader’s assistant editor for the last two years. You can find the Teacher’s… Read more

Parachute Safe Kids Week

June 3rd to 9th is Parachute Safe Kids Week. This year’s theme is preventing harm from children’s falls in the home and at play. Falling is a normal part of children’s development, as they walk, climb, run, jump, play and explore their environment. While most child falls do not result in serious injury, each year… Read more

Choices Reading Lists

Looking for reading suggestions for children and teens? Each year, thousands of children, young adults, and educators around the United States select their favorite recently published books for the Choices reading lists. The lists are published online each May. These lists can be used to help readers of all ages find books they will enjoy…. Read more

Misleading Health Headlines

In health news, there can be a disconnect between news headlines and the scientific research they cover. Here’s a new TED Ed video on how to read past the headlines. Click here for the full lesson.

Four Ways to Show & Share Videos Without Distractions

Do you use YouTube videos in your teaching? Would you like to share the videos without the “related” content? Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers demonstrates Four Ways to Show & Share Videos Without Distractions.

Structured Literacy – What is it?

Structured Literacy is the term the International Dyslexia Association uses for explicit, systematic instruction in the structure of the English language. Based on the Orton-Gillingham method, it is beneficial to all students, including those with dyslexia. The following infographic summarizes this approach. To learn more, read: Structured Literacy™: An Introductory Guide (2019) Structured Literacy and… Read more

Three Videos about Parentese

Talking to babies is important for their language development. Here’s a Mini Parenting Master Class on baby talk. Parentese is one style of talking to babies. It involves adults speaking in a higher voice at a slower speed. The language is simpler with short sentences and repetition. Studies have confirmed that speaking to babies in… Read more