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Make Math Fun

Looking for ways to make math practice fun? Here’s a sample of online resources: 15 Fun Ways to Practice Math How Do You Make Math Fun? Math Fun: Kids won’t even know they’re learning math with these five new lessons! Math Playground There’s also fun practice available in the TED Ed Math in Real Life… Read more

Fair Dealing Decision Tool

Today is World Book and Copyright Day! This annual event organized by UNESCO celebrates reading, publishing, and copyright. Do you wonder about how you can use copyrighted work for teaching? The Fair Dealing Decision Tool is a Canadian online tool that guides teachers through the process of deciding if they can use print materials, artistic… Read more

Education Week

It’s Education Week in BC! Thank you to all the teachers, parents, administrators, trustees and staff for the contributions they make to the lives of students, to the education system, and to communities!

Cooking (and Eating) Together

Do you enjoy cooking together? Do you have a recipe you’d like to share? Take a short video of cooking with friends or family and enter the 10th annual Hands-On Cook-Off Contest. The contest is open between April 15th and May 15th, and all BC residents are eligible to enter. There are two contest categories:… Read more

Endangered Species

April 22nd is Earth Day. The focus this year is Protect Our Species. Did you know that 1 in 8 of the world’s bird species are threatened with extinction? Click here for more facts about global species loss. For more information, download Earth Day 2019 Protect Our Species Primer and Action Toolkit. The Earth Day… Read more

Poem in Your Pocket

Poem in Your Pocket Day is this coming Thursday, April 18th. To help you mark the occasion, the American Academy of Poets and the League of Canadian Poets have created a 2019 PIYP Day Booklet, with ideas for celebrating at school, at work and online. Not sure what poem you’d like to share? The booklet… Read more

Technology Safety and Privacy Toolkit

This week is Prevention of Violence Against Women Week in BC. Technology can be used to keep women and children safe and misused to commit crimes of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault, impersonation and harassment. The BC Society of Transition Houses has recently released A Guide for Canadian Women Experiencing Technology-facilitated Violence: Strategies for Enhancing… Read more

List Poems

Writing a poem doesn’t have to be difficult. List poems are an accessible form of poetry. List poems at their most basic are a list of words on a theme. Sometimes the lists rhyme, and sometimes they don’t. List poems can be any length. List poems can draw from personal experience (favourite colours? items in… Read more

Engaging with Evidence

You’ve heard about using ‘evidence-based’ and ‘evidence-informed’ practice, but how do you identify best evidence? There’s so much information available, how do you know what’s useful and reliable? The Institute for Effective Education has recently released an Engaging with evidence guide to help you: understand about different forms of evidence and different kinds of research… Read more

Literacy and Poverty

Frontier College’s recent research report, Literacy and Essential Skills as a Poverty Reduction Strategy, underlines the role literacy can play in addressing poverty. The report highlights include the key research findings and the strategic recommendations. For more research and statistics, look at the earlier discussion paper. Using Brain Science to Design New Pathways Out of… Read more