Numeracy Resources

Being able to use numbers to understand information, solve problems and make decisions is part of everyday life. Numeracy is the essential skill that refers to the ability to use numbers and to think in quantitative terms. The materials listed below relate to understanding numeracy and teaching math skills. They are for literacy and numeracy practitioners, teachers and tutors, learners, or anyone interested in numeracy, particularly for adult students. Every title in the list below is available, either online or for borrowing from the Decoda Literacy Library.

The following resources are a good introduction to teaching math skills to adults:

Active Learning in Adult Numeracy (online)

This series of videos with accompanying essays was recorded at an adult education math instructors’ training. Topics include: communication in math classrooms, resisting the temptation to be too helpful, scaffolding adult numeracy lessons and building deeper understanding of decimal numbers.

Changing the Way We Teach Math (online)

The manual sets out some best practices from the literature, then outlines some difficulties instructors may face and makes suggestions for overcoming them. The manual concludes with many pages of activities, requiring little or no preparation, which provide examples of how to implement the best practices.

Teaching Adults: a Math Resource Book

This in-depth resource book offers instructors and tutors a number of tips and strategies for teaching math to adult learners.

TEAL (Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy) Math Works! Guide (online)

This guide can be used by instructors to increase their familiarity with evidence-based mathematics and numeracy instruction and to translate research findings into teaching practices.