We have plenty of literacy resources for you…

Whether you’re a literacy practitioner looking for educational resources to run a program; a caregiver looking for literacy resources to use with the kids at home; or a student looking for information for a school project, this section is a great place to start. We offer fantastic Facts and Figures sheets, a variety of lesson plans, research studies, parent materials, guidebooks, videos and a library with over 5000 titles. Choose your section and get started…


Looking for books? The Decoda Literacy Library has more than 6,000 materials about literacy topics. Anyone in BC can borrow these materials, free of charge! Learn more by clicking the link.

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Decoda Publications

This section contains a list of materials we have published, both free and for purchase.

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Online Resources

Are you a practitioner, parent, researcher or just have an interest in literacy? We have compiled a variety of literacy resources that are easy to search and download.

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We offer a number of free videos that promote literacy awareness, explain issues in literacy, and illustrate the difference that literacy can make to your community.

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