Writing Out Loud is Back in Print!

Writing Out Loud is Back in Print!

Writing Out Loud is Back in Print!

Date posted: March 16, 2015

We’re pleased to announce that the second edition of Writing Out Loud is now available at our e-store.

Writing Out Loud, by Deborah Morgan, makes even the most reluctant writers want to put pen to paper through a collection of fun exercises and insightful chapters. Each idea and exercise is laid out with easy-to-follow steps, offering possible adaptations as well as wonderful student writing samples.

This book provides more than just a collection of writing exercises; it offers readers an inspiring writing and teaching philosophy. Ideas of respect, cooperation and safety are discussed along with useful advice on how to incorporate these ideas into your own classrooms and writing practice.

Writing Out Loud leaves the reader excited about writing!

To get your own copy, visit Decoda’s online store.

Added bonus: Online training in using Writing Out Loud has just been completed, but another session will be organized. If you’re interested in joining a future session, email Margaret Sutherland.

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