World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

Date posted: March 21, 2016

Today is World Poetry Day, a day that “recognizes the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind”. Today’s a good time to read a poem, write a poem or share a poem.

To mark the day, coffee company Julius Meinl is offering to exchange coffee for a handwritten poem. Read about it here. While the only outlet in Canada is in Toronto, should you come across another place with the same offer, you can always write a quick list poem.

A list poem can be a list or inventory of items, people, places, or ideas. It often involves repetition, such as each line starting with the same phrase. It doesn’t require rhythm or rhyme.

Click here for more information about list poems and a few examples.

To introduce list poetry writing to adult new readers, the New York Public Library offers these suggestions.

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