Workplace Wednesday: Make Math Work

Workplace Wednesday: Make Math Work

Workplace Wednesday: Make Math Work

Date posted: May 21, 2014

Why is math needed for entry level jobs? To help answer this question, Ningwakwe Learning Press has published ten booklets with an accompanying teacher’s guide.

Make math work

Make Math Work: preparing Indigenous students for apprenticeship and employment, by Robert Animikii Horton and Miranda Miller, is a new series exploring math that is needed at work. Each booklet focuses on one career path paired with an area of math related to the work. The workbooks are designed to help literacy learners understand and practice math concepts using real-life workplace tasks. The booklets cover:

  • Money – Cashier
  • Ratios and proportions – Cook/Baker
  • Height, weight and distance – Transport truck driver
  • Tables, charts and graphs – Band office admin. assistant
  • Estimation – Hairstylist
  • Measurement – Carpenter
  • Fractions – Plumber
  • Area and angles – Welder
  • Averages – Hunting and fishing guide
  • Budgeting – Personal support worker

Each workbook provides a cultural frame of reference showing how math skills have been used in Indigenous cultures. It then describes a typical day at the specific job and the kinds of tasks to be expected. An explanation of why math is important to the job is followed by task-based practice. Most of the tasks begin with level one and become more difficult through the workbook.

A teacher’s guide that covers all ten booklets is available separately. It includes an answer key and a photocopiable certificate of completion. This guide is also available online

To borrow any or all of these booklets and the teacher’s guide, email

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