UPSKILL project results

UPSKILL project results

UPSKILL project results

Date posted: August 20, 2014

Earlier this week, SRDC released the results of the UPSKILL: Essentials to Excel project. Working with 110 firms and 1,438 workers in eight provinces in the accommodations and food services sector, this study found significant benefits from well-designed Essential Skills training programs delivered in the workplace.

Benefits to employers included:

  • Significant improvements in customer satisfaction
  • Significant reductions in customer complaints
  • Larger increases in customer loyalty and revenue
  • Reduced error rates and increased efficiency, leading to significant cost savings
  • Reduced hiring costs related to increased job retention
  • Significant positive return on training investment (23%); increased revenue and higher productivity more than offset costs of the program

Benefits to employees included:

  • A sustainable improvement in literacy levels
  • An improvement in Essential Skills
  • Significant gains in productivity and in job performance
  • Higher rates of job retention
  • Large reductions in perceived levels of stress on the job

Effects were greater for employees with lower pre-training skills. The report also outlines conditions for successful literacy and Essential Skills training in the workplace.

Click here for the highlights, summary report and technical report.

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