UP Skills for Work

UP Skills for Work

UP Skills for Work

Date posted: May 30, 2018

Are you starting to plan your adult literacy programs for the fall? What about new-to-you workplace literacy programs? Here’s a program to consider.

UP Skills for Work is a workplace literacy program from ABC Life Literacy Canada. This soft skills program is designed to be delivered to adult learners at community organizations and workplaces across Canada. Here are some of the features:

  • It’s free. You can view and download the workbooks online. If you register your workshop with ABC Life Literacy Canada, free print copies of the workbooks and practitioner online training are available.
  • It’s introductory. No expectation of mastering soft skills during these workshops! UP Skills for Work covers the basics, like how to think about soft skills in relation to our goals, workplace, and relationships.
  • It’s accessible. It’s written at a grade 6-8 reading level (Literacy Level 2), according to Clear Language and Design principles.
  • It’s activity-based. There’s no lecturing in UP Skills for Work. It’s designed to be conversational and learner-focused.

Currently there are 3 workbooks:  Motivation, Attitude, and Accountability.  Click here to preview the workbooks and related activities. More workbooks will be released (3 per year) covering Presentation, Teamwork, Time Management, Adaptability, Stress Management and Confidence.

If you plan to use the workbook content either in part or in full, please let ABC Life Literacy Canada know by completing and submitting this online form. Once your form is received, hard copies of the workbooks will be shipped to your location and you will be able to access the optional online facilitator training.  An honorarium of $50 for every workshop you run is provided upon receipt of your completed learner evaluation forms. Taking a few minutes to book your workshop will help ABC Life Literacy Canada track the use of their materials and make the case for continued funding of this program.

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