Trivia Tuesday

Trivia Tuesday

Trivia Tuesday

Date posted: September 22, 2015

We’re looking forward to the Team Trivia Challenge, just one week away. Want to practice with us?

How many British Columbians have significant challenges with literacy?

  • a. 400,000
  • b. 250,000
  • c. 150,000
  • d. 500,000
  • e. 80,000

Which film won the Academy Award for best movie in 2013?

  • a. Zero Dark Thirty
  • b. Argo
  • c. Silver Linings Playbook
  • d. Lincoln
  • e. Life of Pi

A group of whales is called a pod. What is a group of hummingbirds called?

  • a. Charm
  • b. Glitter
  • c. Nesting
  • d. Host
  • e. Flock


Check the blog tomorrow for the answers and the next set of questions.

Tip: You can find the answer to the first question on our latest Importance of Literacy fact sheet.

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