Trivia on Raise a Reader Day

Trivia on Raise a Reader Day

Trivia on Raise a Reader Day

Date posted: September 23, 2015

Today is Raise a Reader Day!

Here are today’s trivia practice questions. The answers to yesterday’s questions are at the end of this post.
Which of the following family activities help young children develop the foundational skills for reading?

  • a. Reading a picture book
  • b. Singing together
  • c. Sorting laundry
  • d. Shopping for groceries
  • e. Playing I Spy

The picture to the left is from the cover of a children’s book that helps children learn counting, colours and some goofy words. What’s the book’s title? Bonus points if you know the author.

Which letter of the English alphabet is used most often?

  • a. S
  • b. A
  • c. E
  • d. T
  • e. N

Check the blog tomorrow for the answers and the next set of questions.

Answers to Tuesday’s questions:

How many British Columbians have significant challenges with literacy?
d. 500,000 – This is the closest number; it’s actually over 500,000 or 16% of the BC population.

Which film won the Academy Award for best movie in 2013?
b. Argo

What is a group of hummingbirds called?
a. Charm

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