Trauma-informed EAL

Trauma-informed EAL

Trauma-informed EAL

Date posted: July 11, 2019

Here’s another reminder of a great resource!

Are you working with refugee women who have experienced trauma?  Here’s a resource for you.

The Pacific Immigrant Resources Society (PIRS) has published Trauma-Informed EAL: PIRS Teacher’s Guide to Trauma-Informed English as an Additional Language.

Here’s what the curriculum designer, Diana Jefferies, has to say about the approach:

The PIRS classes for refugee women are designed not only to teach the English language, but also help foster a sense of mental health, social inclusion, and provide information on social adaptation in order for newcomer women gain a greater sense of mental wellbeing.

We were fortunate to have Diana Jeffries and Amea Wilbur present at the Decoda Conference in November 2017. They have shared their slides on Creating Inclusive Classrooms for Students Who Have Experienced Trauma.

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