To Raise a Reader

To Raise a Reader

To Raise a Reader

Date posted: September 22, 2016

Today marks the start of Raise-a-Reader Week!

One of the clearest pieces of advice for raising a reader is to read to a child. Many parents do just that, but may stop once a child can read on their own.

Doug Lemov on how to ‘push the margins’ of what children can read is a recent article outlining several reasons for continuing to read to your child after they are independent readers. Lemov advises reading more advanced books than a child can read on their own to:

  • Build complex vocabulary
  • Develop an understanding of complex sentence structure
  • Prepare children to read and understand complex stories
  • Continue to support engagement with reading.

And, we’d add, because it’s enjoyable for both the reader and the listener!

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