The Tenant Survival Guide

The Tenant Survival Guide

The Tenant Survival Guide

Date posted: March 13, 2014

The Tenant Survival Guide produced by Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre (TRAC) is designed to give tenants a basic understanding of their rights in British Columbia. Now in it’s 11th edition, it has been a popular resource and is now available online as a Clicklaw Wikibook.

The online version is fully searchable, and hyperlinked to key forms and resources for tenants. As a wikibook, the information can be updated quickly to reflect changes in the law.

There are also flexible printing and reading options for offline use, useful for readers who find it difficult to access or use computers. It can be downloaded and printed as a PDF or downloaded as an EPUB to be read on an ereader, tablet or mobile device.

Decoda is sponsoring a webinar by TRAC on tenants’ rights next month. Stay posted for details.


The library has a few resources on housing:

Essential skills for personal success. (book + CDs)
Sheila Marshall and Karen Farrar. Timmins, Ont.: Literacy Network Northeast, 2010.
This basic life skills curriculum contains four modules with activities written for learners and is accompanied by practitioner guidelines. One CD contains the 4 modules, and one contains the practitioner’s guidelines. Topics include nutrition, housing, financial management, health literacy, relationships, transportation, and voting.

Housing for literacy (& low 1): teacher’s guide. (book + 2 CDs)
Donna Bowler. Vancouver, BC: successintesl, 2009.
This book “covers three topics: furniture and rooms (Part A), housing problems (Part B), and a new apartment (Part C). Do parts A & B as a one-month unit with literacy or the whole book as a one-month unit with low Level 1 class.”

Housing: supplement for level one. (book + audio CD)
Donna Bowler. Vancouver, BC: successintesl, 2012.
This resource includes the an annotated index of the original teacher’s guide, extra teaching materials for low 1, and a low 1 student workbook. It is intended to be used with ‘Housing for Literacy (& Low 1). The audio CD accompanies the student workbook and is intended for student practice.

How to check an apartment. How to series.
Linda Kita-Bradley. Edmonton, AB: Grass Roots Press, 2012.
Ben and the landlady do an inspection of the apartment Ben wants to move into. As Ben checks out everything from taps and lights to door locks and smoke alarms, the landlady fills in an inspection report.

To borrow any or all of these resources, email

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