The New Digital Learning Age

The New Digital Learning Age

The New Digital Learning Age

Date posted: June 9, 2015

Digital technology is already having an enormous impact on the economy and society. These impacts are not uniform. For some, a new vista of creative opportunity has opened. For others, they see the possibilities but have yet to fully realise the full potential that digital and other new technologies might offer. New technology is not a force of nature. Its impacts and who gets to share in its potential benefits are grounded in the choices we make as a society.

The New Digital Learning Age is an RSA report sponsored by Google UK that looks at the question of how policy choices can enhance life opportunities for the greatest number while there is widespread technological change.

This initial Power to Create report identifies five tribes in the digital world who experience technological change in different ways: The Cautious Strivers, Aspirationals, Confident Warriors, Grounded Traditionalists and Wise Enablers.  Want to know which digital tribe you belong to? Take the quiz below.

The report also proposes three main strategic policy interventions to ensure that the real benefits of new technology are democratically distributed:

  1. A new approach to learning through and with new technology in schools.
  2. Greater frequency, quality and range of contact with employers for students.
  3. A new ‘city of learning’ initiative to expand formal skills and learning. This approach is led by local leaders, employers, informal learning networks and institutions, and is based on ‘open badges’ technology.

Read the full report here.

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