The Effect of Poverty on the Brain

The Effect of Poverty on the Brain

The Effect of Poverty on the Brain

Date posted: June 9, 2016

Does living with scarce resources affect the brain? Does it affect learning? Can anything be done about it?

In the following TEDx talk, Beth Babcock of EMPath explains how poverty impairs the development of executive function in the brain, and shares the success of new coaching models that allow clients to practice and rebuild their executive function skills.

For more details about this approach, read Using Brain Science to Develop New Pathways Out of Poverty.

For more information on the effect of poverty on learning, and what can be done about it, borrow:
Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen (2013)
Helping Children Succeed by Paul Tough (2016)
Poor Students, Rich Teaching: Mindsets for Change by Eric Jensen (2015)
Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir (2013)
Summer Reading: Closing the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap by Richard Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen (2013)

(BONUS: Borrow any of these books in June and you will be entered in our draw for a Chapters gift certificate.)

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