Tech Tuesday: iPad pilot project

Tech Tuesday: iPad pilot project

Tech Tuesday: iPad pilot project

Date posted: February 25, 2014

From April to November 2013, Literacy Victoria ran an iPad pilot project to evaluate tablet computers as effective educational tools for adult literacy learners. Seven learner-tutor pairs incorporated iPads into their sessions and provided feedback.

“Tutors and learners who worked continually with the iPads over the project did see progress with literacy skills. Most tutors and learners found a slight learning curve with respect to orientation to the iPad and figuring out how the apps worked on them. The iPad was generally found to be, “reasonably user friendly but it also can take some time to figure out which apps are right for [the] client.

When asked to compare the iPad with traditional computers, participants said that although computers have more options, the iPad is more convenient, and provides an extra tool when assisting someone with their literacy.”

Want to know which apps were particularly useful? The final report includes descriptions, reviews and ratings of the applications that were used during the project. Read the report here.

Some other resources on using iPads in education:
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And, here’s a new one you can borrow from the library:
Teaching with tablets: How do I integrate tablets with effective instruction?
Nancy Frey, Doug Fisher, Alex Gonzalez. Alexandria, VA: ASCD, 2013.
This short volume offers concise practical strategies for using tablets for modelling, guided instruction, collaborative learning, independent learning, and formative assessment. To borrow this book, email

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