Teaching math basics

Teaching math basics

Teaching math basics

Date posted: April 14, 2014

Are you new to teaching math to adults? Here’s a good starting place:

Changing the way we teach math: a manual for teaching basic math to adults.
Kate Nonesuch. Duncan, BC: Malaspina University College, 2006.
Also available online en.copian.ca/library/learning/mathman/mathman.pdf
This manual sets out some best practices from the literature of teaching math to adults, then outlines some difficulties instructors may face and makes suggestions for overcoming them. The manual concludes with many pages of activities, requiring little or no preparation, which provide examples of how to implement the best practices. Topics covered include: resistance to changing traditional math teaching, emotions in the classroom, use of manipulatives and visual presentations in teaching math, real-life math, and putting students in charge of their own learning.

You can learn more from Kate in two videos produced by Literacy Nova Scotia, Think-Aloud in Mathematics and Marking for Confidence in Math.

The Decoda Library has a variety of materials on numeracy, including curriculum, teaching strategies, learner materials and resources for dealing with difficulties in math. To see a sample of resources, visit our Numeracy Materials list.

To borrow any of the Decoda library resources (and to get help in finding the right resources), email library@decoda.ca

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