STEM Learning Environments

STEM Learning Environments

STEM Learning Environments

Date posted: July 23, 2018

During the summer, there is a lot of out-of-school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning happening. Yet many people don’t recognize libraries, museums, daycare, summer camps, gardens and homes as STEM learning environments.

Crossing the Boundaries: Mapping the Gaps between Expert and Public Understandings of Bridging STEM Learning Environments makes the case for high quality STEM learning in informal environments.   It underlines the value and need for STEM learning outside of school.

Researchers also interviewed American experts and members of the public about education, STEM learning, and bridging STEM learning across various settings. The report shows a discrepancy between what the experts think and what the public thinks. This is a good report for STEM advocates to read as it offers suggestions for communicating about STEM that address  some of the differences in viewpoints.

Read New Report Helps STEM Advocates Make a Stronger Case for Informal Learning for a summary of the report.

Read the full report here.

If you’re looking for STEM or STEAM activity ideas, email . The books in the photo collage are a sample of what’s available for borrowing.

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