Soft Skills at Work

Soft Skills at Work

Soft Skills at Work

Date posted: January 18, 2018

Soft Skills at Work is a new series of photostories from Grass Roots Press.

Research shows that soft skills are important to success in the workplace, sometimes even more important than technical skills. This series uses photostories to feature six soft skills:

  • Working as a Team (teamwork)
  • Thinking on Your Feet (problem solving)
  • Putting Customers First (flexibility)
  • Getting to Work on Time (punctuality)
  • Taking the Extra Step (initiative)
  • Standing up for Yourself (the ability to stand up for your rights)

Each book contains two contrasting photostories and a set of questions to stimulate discussion among students. In the first photostory, the central character lacks a specific soft skill, creating tension among staff and in the second story, the central character demonstrates the soft skill, resulting in a more harmonious workplace.

With colour photos and text at Fry reading level 1, these books are a welcome resource for adult literacy students.

To borrow one or more of these soft skills books, email the Decoda Library.

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