Security Planner

Security Planner

Security Planner

Date posted: February 13, 2018

Security Planner is a guide with expert advice on staying safer online. It provides recommendations on basic online practices and directions on where to go for more advanced help.

It’s quick to use and easy to use. To start, you answer the following questions.

Security Planner then provides you with security tips on browsing, your computer, your online accounts, your internet connection, and your phone.  You can limit the advice by the amount of effort involved or whether the tools are free or paid.

The advice is:

  • Reliable – All advice is reviewed by a group of experts and an advisory board.
  • Customized – The series of questions determine the advice that is most useful to you. It’s confidential – no personal information is stored.
  • Accessible – It is designed to present basic advice in a ‘friendly’ and accessible way, not just for advanced users.
  • Current – Security Planner has a regular update schedule.

Click here to try Security Planner.

Security Planner is a project of Citizen Lab, an interdisciplinary group based at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. Thanks to the Clicklaw blog for pointing to this resource.

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