Reading Aloud to Adult Students

Reading Aloud to Adult Students

Reading Aloud to Adult Students

Date posted: December 6, 2017

We know that reading aloud to children promotes their reading. What about reading aloud to adults?

The Benefits of Reading Aloud to Your Adult Students outlines why you might have reading aloud as part of your adult literacy program. Click here to read the article.

The idea of reading aloud was explored last month in a COABE webinar – Reading, Writing, and Relationships. This session demonstrated how adult educators can read aloud selections from engaging fiction and informative non-fiction sources that deal with relationships.

Instructors can model for their adult students how to apply their critical thinking and reading skills as they read aloud; instructors can then lead the class to focus on what makes relationships thriving or dysfunctional. Adult students can reflect and respond in writing to what they have been reading and discussing in class (their written responses do not have to be shared with the instructor unless the students want to).

View the webinar and download print resources below.

Here are resources associated with this webinar:

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