Preparing for the GED Test

Preparing for the GED Test

Preparing for the GED Test

Date posted: April 24, 2014

New in the library!

Writing for the GED Test is a new, 3 volume series covering the language and writing skills needed to develop constructed responses for the new GED test.

Book 1 assesses students’ command of Standard English conventions, covers sentence skills such as fragments and run-ons, builds skills in pronoun usage, verb tenses and punctuation. It also uses GED practice questions to model editing passages in context.

Book 2 teaches strategies for analyzing fiction and informational passages, reviews text structures such as sequence and cause and effect, and shows how to use graphic organizers to track comparisons and contrast. It also covers theme, plot, character, and figurative language.

Book 3 teaches a three-step process for answering extended response items, reviews the scoring rubrics and shows how to evaluate responses. It also provides practice strategies for responding to science short-answer items and details the process to answer extended responses on the Social Studies and Reasoning Through Language Arts Tests.

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