Pi Day

Pi Day

Pi Day

Date posted: March 14, 2014

Since today is Pi Day, the annual celebration of the mathematical constant pi (3.14), we’re taking a look at math resources for children and families.

Family math fun.
Kate Nonesuch. Duncan, BC: Vancouver Island University, 2008.
Also available online at www.en.copian.ca/library/learning/familymath/cover.htm
This manual of fun family numeracy activities includes patterns, recipes, and hand-outs for the entire family to share.

How many ways can you make five?: a parent’s guide to exploring math with children’s books.
Sally Anderson. Lewisville, NC: Gryphon House, 2012.
This reader-friendly book is written for parents and focuses on using storybooks to develop math skills in young children. It is filled with activities that explore numbers, patterns, shapes, sequences, and measurement accompanied by reading suggestions.

I love when we count. (DVD)
Leah Tremain. Courtenay, BC: Tremain Media, 2008.
Designed for parents, this DVD emphasizes the importance of family in developing children’s numeracy skills. Experts offer recommendations on easy activities that parents can do to promote numeracy in children from birth to seven years old. And, a variety of families demonstrate the activities.

Move & learn math activities: 30 easy & irresistible movement activities that teach math concepts to all learners.
Helja Robinson, Robert Wolffe and Jean Marie Grant. New York: Scholastic, 2002.
Teacher-tested, interactive activities invite young learners to have fun exploring addition, subtraction, patterns, shapes, measuring, and more.

Spotlight on young children: exploring math.
Amy Shillady, editor. Washington, DC: NAEYC, 2012.
In this collection of articles from NAEYC’s journal, Young Children, teachers of children from infancy through age 8 will learn how to help children develop, construct, use, and reflect on their mathematical understandings. The articles look at ways to provide engaging learning experiences focusing on key math concept areas.

To borrow any or all of these resources, email library@decoda.ca

For more ideas on picture books that support math learning, browse the Picture Books-Math pinterest board. And, for older children, there are some playful, creative ideas for after school math activities here.

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