P is for Parents

P is for Parents

P is for Parents

Date posted: January 26, 2018

Family literacy activities are based on parents and children together, but our attention is often focused on what parents are teaching and what children are learning. Parents are also learning. And, this year’s Family Literacy Week theme of healthy eating – “What’s on My Plate?” – provides examples of good practice in adult learning.

Adults want to learn things that are relevant. Feeding children to keep them healthy is a basic goal of parents. Encouraging tips, like the ones in Joel Barohn’s Thank you, Sam-I-Am!” blog post, are practical and can solve problems.

For parents, learning about their child’s world and their child’s day is very relevant. Eating Together shows us that dinner time is a good time for parents to learn about their child’s interests, likes and dislikes, activities and more.

Adults have life experience and prior knowledge. Everyone is an expert in what they like to eat. And, most parents are experts at what their children like to eat. Joan Exley’s Alphabet Pretzels blog post shows how food and literacy can be combined and gives examples of how food provides an opportunity to share strengths and experiences. It can also provide an opportunity to address some of the concerns parents have around food.

Stories about Food reminds us that we all have stories to share. Food is a popular writing topic for that very reason. (Borrow Language is Served from the Decoda Library is you’re looking for writing prompts about food.)

Adults as well as children learn by doing. Did you see the videos in Lindsey Krabbenhoft’s Healthy Eatings Song and Rhymes blog post? What a fun and effective way to learn an activity to share with children.

Kitchen Science for Kids and Cooking Together describe activities that parents and children can do together. While parents may not be learning anything new about science or cooking, they will likely be learning something new about their child.

As well as supporting good practice in adult learning, “What’s on My Plate?” encompasses the diversity that is healthy eating. There are many ways to eat well for children and parents.

Enjoy the remainder of Family Literacy Week!

Reminder: P is also for Photo Contest. Don’t forget to enter. The deadline is January 28th.

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